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How do I use the ropes in this game?


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 I'm currently trying to do level 2-3 with all perfects, however I've discovered the most glitchy and unreliable thing in the game - ropes. There are two of them at the start and second leads to a berry and if I miss the jump, I fall down the river and have to restart, cuz that berry is now permanently missed (this game has multiple points of no return per level and many of them are variations of "do this jump or restart"). However I cannot for the love of God understand how those ropes actually work. I get the basics - hold L1 to swing left, R1 to swing right, L1+R1 to let go (buttons however are registered as "pressed" for split second, so I can't quickly let go of one button and press the other one). The berry in that spot however requires a perfect swing, which just throws you right into it, any shorter and you fall into the river and run is dead. And I had extremely varying results of the jumps, sometimes I do lame-short jump, sometimes I make no jump at all, even though I'm letting go when my Loco is at top speed on the rope. I've managed to do it only once by luck, but that run died because goomba-stomping the Mojas is also gimmicky as hell (he ate one of my Locos, so I had to redo the rope swing berry). I tried to watch videos, observing frame by frame at which moment do they let go and jump off, I tried testing if holding L1 and R1 will result in a longer, stronger jump (it doesn't), and at this moment, I'm stumped. I'm swinging at full power in both directions but when I let go, I fall flat to the ground, like I somehow hit all the brakes.


Can anyone who did that level or someone with the plat, give me any advice, so I can move on to other levels?

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Hello! I don't know if you're still playing or if you're still aiming for the platinum trophy. 
I'm almost done with all the trophies, so I'll share what I've learned. 
I was having a really hard time at exactly this point in the game, until I discovered by chance how to properly use the ropes. 
Your mistake is using L1+R1 at the same time to get loose. 
To gain momentum, (assuming the platform is on the right), hang from the rope, use R1 and L1 to swing. 
When swinging to the left (using L1), just press and hold R1 to swing back to the right. 
Before reaching the end of the swing, still holding R1, press L1 hard (and not L1+R1). 
The locoroco will gain momentum and fly to the platform. 
The funny thing is that after you learn it, until you master the technique, many times the locoroco will fly too hard and pass the platform 
(just the opposite of what happened before). 
But soon you'll be able to calibrate the strength of the jump and you'll be able to collect everything without difficulty. 
If you didn't give up the platinum trophy and my tips were useful, when you get the trophy come back here and tell me!!!


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