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Blood bank(10k kills) question


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I need some clarification for this trophy, so if anyone has the answer , please let me know!

The trophy asks for 10,000 kills which to be accumulative across single player and multiplayer modes. I was looking through my player profile and it says I have 7599 kills under the single player tab and 1433 under multiplayer A for a total of 9032... However; when I check the leader boards it says 5662 for campaign 1418 for multiplayer for a total of 7080.

Which of these numbers is to be believed? Obviously I'm hoping the former rather than the latter, but does anyone know for sure?

I could keep playing but I'm just getting so burnt out on the game. Knowing I only have 968 kills to go could get me motivation to keep going... But another 3000... Not sure I could take it!

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Dont trust the leaderboards, just the single player profile.. good luck..


I believe there is an issue with the leaderboards updating correctly. Go with the first set of numbers. By the way, I'm jealous that you're that close to 10k. I only have about 4500 and am dreading the grind to 10k.

Thanks, that puts my mind at ease! Knowing I can platinum this weekend and move on to a new portable game makes me happy.

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