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''Card complete'' trophy.


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I've been grinding for all the cards a while, and i finally managed to get them all with some help from friends! :)

But... The trophy didn't pop, so i thought i overlooked one.

I checked all my cards with a full card list, and i couldnt figure out what i was missing.

After checking the list 4 times, i didn't know what to do anymore, so i hope anyone has a solution for me.

These are the cards that i have: (checking with my vita next to me!)


Orc card

Orc Chief card

High Orc Card

MoiMoi Card

Spore Card

Poison Spore Card

Spore Hazel Card

Death Rock Card

Magma Death Rock Card

Wolf Card

Fire Wolf Card

Hell Hound Card

Cuppie Card

Poison Cuppie Card

Guardian Card (no laser)

Guardian Card (laser)

Horo Horo Card

Horo Horon Card

Horo Horos Card

Grizzly Card

Grizzly Bebe Card

Leib Olmai Card

Killer Ant Card

Domovoi Card

Don Domovoi Card

Raydric Card

Einherjar Card

Methos Card 

Poring Card

Drops Card

Poporing Card

Marin Card 

Leshy Card

Alp Leshy Card

HillGiant Card

HillGiant Chief Card 

FrostGiant Card

FrostGiant Chief Card

FlameGiant Card

FlameGiant Chief Card

Orc King Card 

Orc Hero Card

Skoll Card

Hati Card

Fafnir Card

Hjahanir Card

Hraesvelgr Card

Kona Hraesvelgr Card

Grendel Card 

Mokkurkalfe Card (got from near)

Fenia Card

Menia Card

Hrungnir Card

Surt Card (got from near)

Utgarda Loki Card (sitting) (got from near)

Utgarda Loki Card (floating) (got from near)

Cleric Card (aka armor card, got around 18 of them)

Othel War Mace Card (Weapon card, got 2 of them)

Sand Death Rock Card

Desert Wolf Card

Desert Wolf Cub Card 

Domovoi Card (red hood)

Raydric Assault Card


These are all my cards.

I hope anyone has a solution for my problem.

I really want that platinum!


Thanks in advance :)

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Try to get Orc Shaman or Bronzed Grendel... they shouldn't be necessary for the trophy but if you get them and no trophy pops then... there could be problem with neared cards (unless you mistook some card).

I read that sometimes neared cards may not be registered and you need to have them re-neared.

Try to get either one or both cards I mentioned to be sure.

If it pops up then it means that these cards are required even though everyone says that they aren't.

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You have all the needed cards which is odd but i think you should try going to the card shop and buying a new card.  Also i think the weapon card causes issues for people so you might just need to make a new wep card


Someone on gameFAWQs said the same, maybe it is because someone with the asian localised version neared me a card.

This was the last thing i was hoping to do, but if it works, i will try it.


And i thought the weapon card was  a problem to, so after i got all the cards i made a new one, but no trophy :(

But thanks for the help, i'll try it :)

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