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  • Each level in this game has in-game challenges (can be checked pre-game in the mission briefing menu and also during the mission by pressing the "Select" button). 
    When you complete a challenge a pop up will appear on the top right of the screen stating it has been complete. You can exit the mission as soon as said challenge popup appears; you don't need to complete the level or wait for a save icon/cutscene to happen. The game will remember you completed the challenge and will reflect the completion in the various aforementioned menus.   
  • You only need to complete the "Tactical Challenges" , no need to complete the weapon challenges.

  • You can get 1000 kills in guerilla mode by playing in small increments if you want to. Personally, I got to wave 50 with a friend on the "Office map" (which is required for a trophy). Upon further sessions the game lets you choose at which round you want to launch the match. I spread my 1000 kills to multiple "Wave 50" matches. If you die the kills still count toward the 1000 kills trophy. You can choose "Restart from checkpoint".upon death if you want to get a few more kills. You can then quit the game and continue in another session,
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