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Last shotgun part

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Hi guys,

I cant find or unlock the final shotgun part. I finished the game with everything upgraded except my shotgun. I used only my shotgun for the last 10% of the game but I still could not find it, i went back to shipwreck beach and the research base but still no luck.

Come to think of it around shipwreck beach I started unlocking a lot off weapon parts so it could be glitched, but I'm not sure..

So what is the best strategy for me; doenload an earlier save from the plus cloud (79%) or start an entire new game and hope I find them all?

I also read over on gamefaqs that the weapon parts will only unlock based on your current salvage? If so, what are the parameters?

Any tips and help would be appreciated

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I don't know much, but i found all my shotgun parts on Shipwreck, there in those salvage boxes.


I would say double check the whole Shipwreck again, as they are hidden well and if not then load up your last save.

Thanks a lot bro! Will check shipwreck beach again :)

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