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I must say I'm enjoying the game with my family, and also on my own, despite the trophies not popping when they should.


I have some suggestions for developers of they read these forums for how this could be a lot better.


1. Enable 6 player or even 8 player. The original MB games board of 1978 had 6 cars for 6 players, and on a game that forces pass the controller there really is no reason to not enable 6 players or more.


2. Enable multiple controller support. Having to sit on top of each other to pass the controller on a 4 player game is not ideal. 


3. All the boards are identical, except the actual wording of actions, and the cosmetic differences of the scenery. 

The same old map is pretty tedious even with the visual differences.


4. Make a few longer boards. Games can be over all too quickly, so make a longer board to make games longer lasting.


5. Allow us to name players 2-4. Having to just settle for preset names is not as fun and engaging as your own friends names.


6. Don't allow two players to have the same job. Everyone being a dragon tamer is tedious and it ruins the thrill of getting the top tier job because someone can just get it anyway. (used to be doctor in 1978 version) The players clearly know each other as they turn up at each others weddings, so the economy would stall if they didn't have different jobs so they needed each other.


7. Fix the trophies. They don't work as expected.


Any other suggestions, please add yours below!

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