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The Raven


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I too enjoyed the game and had fun playing it. Had high expectations based on the Hercule Poirot games and definitely wasn't disappointed ^^ Now if there just were more Poirot games too :(



It's not out in Europe until April and i was kinda interested in it .


It was already released as a digital release on the EU PSN Store on January 8th.

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I like this kind of gameplay and I liked the story :) and the ending was good!


but! I can't get the 'Crime Scene Investigator" trophy to pop up!!!

I have followed every guide I could find, I have replayed the scene tons of times, I am 100% sure that I have examinated EVERYTHING in the cabin!
The only thing that I can still click on is the blood spot on the bed, can anyone help me ?
I even deleted the game and installed it again, same problem.

I have tried both talking to the detective two times, and I have tried to stay in the cabin, n o t h i n g  :(

(I also remember to examine before touching anything)

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I have nearly finished getting the trophies,    the Crime Scene Investigator" trophy took me three attempts to do.


The only thing now stopping me now is working how to pick the lock on chapter 1 to get into cabin in chapter 1


I think it is a good game,  reminds me a bit like the Monkey Island games.

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