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Possible solution to the Episodes 8 trophies

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Hi all! Me and @scflInt-us had a mini chat about what is actually required for these trophies


1. So first you Cannot collect all the note collectables it will stop all the episode 8 trophies from popping I believe skipping the Episode 8 note works but I haven't tried it yet.


2. Second finish the entire episode Without reaching the continue tab.


Hopefully this helps any new players starting this game.



Again thanks to @scflint-us for the second tip.

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Minor correction: you can die in the episode 8, but if you run out of all your lives (3 if I remember correctly) and get to 'Continue' screen, then no trophies will pop after that - you will need to restart the episode 8 from the very beginning.


I doubt that this info will be useful to anybody though - there are still plenty of unobtainable trophies remain in this game.

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