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Furious Bee


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So downloaded this from the PS+ Premium games, had my eye on it a while back but couldn't justify the £25 price. Currently stuck on furious bee, have 20 fights out of 21. I must have flown over the map 12 times over and still nothing popping up on compass bar the flower lady and the hive. Cant find a list of locations to check against online, anybody having same issue?

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I was able to get Furious Bee without any issues.  This game, though, is extremely buggy. 

  • My total flight in kilometers reset at times (trophy: To Infinity And Beyond)
  • My game saves in general wouldn't always save properly (although I started to collect pollen, return it back to the hive and save, which didn't seem to have any save issues, although I didn't test this extensively)
  • There was more challenges available even after I popped the trophy (didn't check the overall number of challenges so maybe the trophy glitched in a positive way and it popped before it was suppose to)
  • Can't get Lord of the Flies trophy.  See every other post with directions to backdate version to 1.0.  I'm in NA region so the trophy wasn't fixed when the EU version 1.03 was fixed.  

Otherwise, great game.

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