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Final fight on extreme strategy


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Hi everyone,


After ten tries I finally was able to defeat zealot on extreme difficulty while trying different strategies so I want to share what worked for me.


First I have to say that I put everything in stamina on Arkail and strength on Styx, and I chose the path of the master for Arkail and the path of the shadowgoblin for Styx (now I think the path of the assassin could be better).


I chose the berserker gear for Arkail instead of the champion one because of the extra strength. This complicated a little the battle against the berserkers but is a must against the zealot. Once the fight against the zealot begins, taunt everyone with Arkail and then use again and again upgraded rain of blades against the berserkers, while have Styx alternating between stunning bomb and low blow (I didnt upgrade low blow and worked for me but it should be better if you have upgraded it). The idea is to kill the 2 berserkers with Arkail while keeping busy zealot and away of the others berserkers dead. Once the two berserkers are dead, Arkail probably will be in berserker mode, so let him hit hard the zealot while use armor piercing, poisoned daggers and flying daggers with Styx.


If you are lucky, the zealot while die now. I wasnt that lucky because zealot killed Styx while Arkail was still mad, so I had to wait Arkail to recover and revive Styx. Thank goodness zealot only had 10% HP left so I just finished him with stunning punchs and flying daggers.


I have to say that I was very close to win with another strategy, having Arkail using stunning punchs on the zealot from the beggining while attacking with Styx with everything (armor piercing, poisoned daggers, flying daggers, etc) but with this strategy when the zealot is close to die he heals a lot of life and the berserks kill Arkail, so for me the first strategy works better.


I hope this strategy can help people in trouble like I was (not sure if someone is still playing this game right now but just in case).



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