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Favourite Youtuber?


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Two best friends play / TheSw1tcher.


They are the only Youtube channel who's videos I actually watch the second a new one is out.


I second this, Matt and Pat are the best. I do the same where soon as they put up a new video I watch, I also re-watch old Let's Plays they have done because it's just that damn awesome. =3

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I stopped watching youtube videos for quite sometime but I have recently been watching some again on my vita.


I'm wondering if you have a personal favourite channel? Can be non-gaming related too...


A clue to mine:




GhostRobo, am I right? I think the guy is cool and pretty relaxed, which is need for his kind of work. 

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NintendoCaprisun, Chugaaconroy, Marriland.(Ironic the fact that my 3 favorite youtubers are mostly LPers of Nintendo Games)


If GTASeriesVideos counts, then that too.


I seriously don't use YT for anything other than gameplay, music and old clips from comedy shows. And when it comes to videogames, I don't really like to hear commentary (apart from the guys I mentioned).

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AngryJoe & RadBrand guy.

Non gaming related: ADoseOfBuckley [my personal fave, cause his rants r fucking top notch :D]


I rarely watch youtube, basically only use it for music videos, new game trailers and stuff.

Love ADoseOfBuckley :yay:

Some of my other favorite YouTubers:

The Game Theorists

Gaijin Goombah


Red Letter Media

Simon's Cat (hey,I love cat videos)

Zero Punctuation (love his game reviews :giggle:  )

Black Nerd Comedy

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AlChestBreach for New Vegas and Skyrim mod reviews. As well as The Sims 3 and whatever game he plays for Mondays.


JonTron for sure. Even though he doesn't post much, I love his videos and can watch them over and over.


This too. Whenever I see him upload something in my feed it's like Christmas morning.

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