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I've been so insicure about picking the game up on Steam after if got some harsh criticism from some friends who enjoyed the first 2 games, now that it comes with a platinum trophy I have no reason not to get it. Would be cool to see Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset to move to the PS3/4 side too, since this makes 2 games from Devolver already, Serious Sam 3 and Hotline Miami (and Hotline Miami 2, but I haven't seen much of that yet)

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It's most likely done and ready for publishing. Maybe they're holding onto it for a rainy day. Maybe it will be a free download for those who pre-order Serious Sam 4.

Apparently Croteam released a Serious Sam humble bundle to raise funds for Serious Sam 4. It seems likely they were taking the same approach with a PS3 release. They may actually never release it. You know how these things are.

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Croteam are aware of the problem, but it's unlikely that they will patch the game since they're working on a new project at the moment and it's supposedly harder to make patches on the Playstation. If your interested in purchasing this game, I'd highly suggest passing on the game until they actually patch it, why support for a game, when the devs could care less about you. 


From what I've gathered the 360 version had bugged achievements for over half a year before a patch was released.

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which ones are bugged?

I know of the last boss one

Master Egyptologist - On level.. 9 I think, all Egyptian texts are invisible and some missing. Fortunately, all but one of them are duplicates of other in the game. To read the final one, you will need to know where it's located and aim somewhere around that spot. I believe it's triggered by pointing at the edges/wireframe of where the object should be.

Top Secret - This one pops at random. For some it pops before they collect everything, for me it popped when I nearly finished collecting all items twice.

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