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Perfect Combination trophy - solo?

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On 6/26/2022 at 9:31 PM, GeminiEntity said:

Is it possible, perhaps some trick or something? I doubt it, but thought I would still ask.

No this trophy is in no way shape or from possible solo.

I tried to work something out for awhile but in the end I had to ask a friend via PSN who(very lucky for me) already 100% the game and was a legit gamer and ninja master.

Huge thanks to @Phandralfor being a Chad and helping me clutch the win.

Another shout out to my homie @tsmugz for trying to help me in Coop for over 10hrs.

Me and him didn't do it but I respect that he was enough of a friend to not give up(even tho he was hella laggy)


So yeah you gotta find a friend irl(probably impossible) or get someone via PSN and hope your shareplay isn't hella laggy.

Other wise your ninja ass is grass.



I couldn't find a single video of anyone doing a full 1cc Coop run on YouTube.

So I uploaded my own.

Hope it helps, this game is definitely in the 7/10 or maybe even 8/10 range.

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