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Can these trophies be earned solo?

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I read the trophy guide and it says Co-op or solo, but looking around on youtube I cant find any videos of people vs NPCs. While i dont mind going against players sometimes i like to leisurely beat up on some CPUs.


Can i get the platinum in the "offline" mode? 

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VR mode is offline/coop but for the play matches in flag battle base battle and combat battle you will have to play against real people wouldn’t be too bad if there wasn’t a bunch of modders that try to destroying everyone’s experience i know its bad but eventually i only started AFK my matches since almost every game i play someone is AFK or hacking found 6 hacker in 2 days then i gave up on it luckily i already had most the wins but i liked the game before the modders started idk if they match up with players have similar skill level or if its random to find modders 

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VR Missions can technically be sone in solo but the hardest ones are damn near impossible without help. It won't be hard to find randoms to help you with those missions. Even if you end up with people who suck, having the extra bodies there will make a massive difference because in the final mission, you will be fighting several bosses at the same time with a time limit, and you don't want them all focused on you.


Every other trophy requires you to be online, and the trophies are not boostable, though you can team up with people in advance. I got a lot of wins this way; you can join the Boruto pubic server on Discord. Be warned that you will be expected to use a mic (and frankly, you should).

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