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Fastest EXP/Point Method


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On 28.6.2022 at 7:27 PM, ROFL-WAFFLES said:



After you have unlocked all of the characters, on the main menu select Play Game, and then Tournament. If you play a Tournament on the later courses (you will likely have course 2 and maybe 3 by this point), you will earn a significant amount of EXP for winning.


Winning Course 3 Tournament 3 gives a base amount of 400 EXP, for example.




After unlocking every character, I thought I would need to play loads more VS CPU matches (~50 EXP / 30mins). Maybe I was just silly, but if this helps anyone looking to come and platinum the game in the future, I just wanted to put it out there.


You need 1500 EXP for the final course, and I had ~500 EXP after unlocking every character. Courses take about 30mins for 18 Holes in Tournament mode (you do not have to wait for your opponent to play).

Nice to see som old names from the golfing comunity. Kind of hoping for a new hsg on the PS5, that would be freaking amazing, and bring back advance shots like they were on the ps3. I didnt like the way the previous game was, everything for distance. I just liked Anya with S in control and spin :)


Another usefull tip: Make sure you always play the last course you have unlocked when playing VS matches. This always give you the most ammount of exp.

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