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Any info on this


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Didn't find anything on level 7 . But there is master difficulty. If that is to do 1cc then it won't probably be easy.


Never played this game so can't tell.


It seems the 3 games in psykio collection got 3 separate trophy list. 

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For clearing the game without shooting anything trophy it is enough for one stage on Monkey level and the trophy pops up. I  finished the game on level 3 with the P51 plane without continuing and I didn't get the trophy ( I still have to try on these pilot trophies, maybe put the game on default settings?). For clearing the game on level 7  with no continue - mastery is required, you need to move and dodge bullets flawlessly. This is a tough cookie to crack and certainly hard platinum.

I love Psikyo shooting games and I can't wait for other Strikers to become available ( since it says "volume 1"). Maybe Samurai Aces, Tengai, and Gunbird will be added soon.




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