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Well I decided to come back to this game and I see the forums dead, so I recorded the bosses , this game is brutal for someone like me that's by no means a pro at shooters/smups. But after playing final boss several times u will eventually get good.


1st boss u can just chill in bottom lower section

2nd boss just don't move too fast as in tap up or down (rapid)

3rd boss was hardest for me took several tries....used a weak gun so u can see it's patterns and it wouldn't die fast

4rth boss mostly just use formation of number 8 dodging 

5th boss u just gotta get good at dodging avoid top most of time because when he's about to die because he starts shooting bullet hell 😅


This game literally takes about 15/16 min to complete all tropies, beat game without dying and score 1.2 mill but damn easier said than done, I can get through whole game w/out dying... last boss gets me everytime(beat him once in video I posted) so I haven't gotten that far yet 😄


If u die at last boss restart(level) instead of trying 2 get back 2 him.. you start at checkpoint right before him(minus power ups) getting to him without power ups hard af and if u do get there without em... he would probably take like 2 min with weak weapon, he takes about 60 secs if your fully powered up 🤮

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I will actually check this once I retry the game. Tried it once, look fun, kicked my ass in the first 5 minutes xD

Good job, thanks for the info! There really ain't many videos with this little game here. 


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