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Switch - PS5 Trophies


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Hey everyone sorry if this has been answered, ive read through the threads here already and there a few months nearly year old so stating this here if theres been any changes but im interested in trying this game again, i own a switch and tempted to purchase the game on there so i can play it in my spare time at work. How would that affect trophy pops on my PS5? 

I read stuff like if i defeat a boss on Switch for example i just have to teleport to him on my PS5 and kill him again and it should pop? 

What about completing acts or defeating X amount of enemies or collecting X things, is there something i need to keep in mind when doing these? like apparently before you reach rank 99, at rank 98 make sure you lvl up to 99 on PS5 to pop the trophy?

Or are things different from a year ago and everything youve completed on a seperate console will autopop when you load onto PS5.

Thanks for any help

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I’m curious about this too. I currently playing on switch at the moment, but I will not complete any trophy req on it intentionally. Will do Hell until Baal, then switch to another class and do the same, then finnish it on PS5 later, but would be nice if I just could keep going. Playstation seem to have mich more active players though, easier to get a random grp if you want.

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All the trophies must be triggered on your local console:


1. You must finish the last Baal quest on Hell difficulty on PS4/PS5 to get the trophies for all the 7 classes, but you can do all the other quests on another platform such as PC or Switch. As long as you connect the same Battle.net account to your PS5 and Switch, your progress will be synchronize automatically(Cross Progress feature).


2. You must gain the last part of exp from lvl 98 to 99 on the PS4/PS5 to get the lvl 99 trophy, but you can do the rest of the grind on any platform you like.

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Character must be online to play on both. 


If you are going for L99 then offline is best as:

1) you can duplicate items 

2) you can restore a backup if you die.


I was playing cross platform (PC-Switch-PS5) and trying to grind to L99. My L96 character died on my Switch due to lag.


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