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Beating Them All Trophy


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18 minutes ago, Happyrinx42 said:

What qualifies as unclassified races? I won two ranked events and a League event (With only AI, maybe that's why?) and I didn't get the Beat them all trophy


I assumed anything under social play would class as unclassified. I won a beginner friendly race and it popped for me with my ranked win.

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There may be a way to boost the Ranked part of this trophy.. but it is highly dependent on server activity.


I was able to do this on PS5, while the other player was on PS4.

My group was able to get 2-3 player lobbies repeatedly around Noon Eastern on Sunday, July 17.


-Go into Multiplayer, Choose Ranked.  Choose the longer race. 

-With your boosting group in the race (and hopefully the only ones in the race), retire from the One Shot Qualifying.. so as to get into the main race as quickly as possible.

-Make sure that the player who is supposed to win does.  


Depending on the time of day (and day of the week), the longer ranked multiplayer race will have little/no activity.. making it the perfect opportunity for boosting.


The longer race will usually involve a pit stop, so it is also a good opportunity to gain some perfect pit stops.  

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