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Trophy Thoughts aka oh dear god why

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Had this list include the hard modes trophies from the first game, this would be a frustrating 5, maybe 6, out of 10. Without them, this should be a pretty quick 3. Provided you can hack the damn controls.


This is a pure cash-grab release, btw. The original was a just functional title made of stock assets and was very clearly a student project at best. Still, there was something satisfying about completing it. The AI is so dumb that it sometimes circles back to being a sneaking bitch. Finally putting it down felt nice.

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19 hours ago, Smashero said:

Better (lmao :D).




It's better in that the difficulty trophies aren't there, so you only have to play the game once.


21 hours ago, arcanehornet_ said:

We live in a world where classics such as Fallout 3 and New Vegas still haven’t been remastered in ANY capacity, and shovelware like this is for some reason.


That's the benefit of being a lone dev. What, when and where is all up to you.

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