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Multiple bugged trophies

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Seems I'm the unlucky person who's got many bugged trophies.


This is not a zombie game - I've hit the brain of nearly 30 animals now


Bucket list & Wildlife paparazzi - spotted and photographed all the animals multiple times


Hero of hirschfelden - I've basically massacred the reserve


Hirschfelden missions - Jäger "The Lost son" doesn't to want to progress once I get to the cabin


I've even started a new save (backed up the original to the cloud) yet the trophies still don't pop.

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4 minutes ago, HuntingFever said:

In that case, try to find a cheap retail copy then pause the update after installing the game so it won't download :).

Seems like that'll end up being my only option if the Devs don't sort it ? 

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50 minutes ago, bigH03 said:

I just finished the "Trampfine Arc" on PS5 and the trophy did not pop

Man that sucks! Even though it might take months before they patch the issues at least my trophies would be kinda easy to do, you'd have to do the entire reserve again just for that trophy! You have my sympathy friend.

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