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Stuck in "Matchmaking in Progress" loop

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I just need 1 kill as the Assault class in Ghost War to get the platinum and sure enough that's when I've run into issues. Ghost War matchmaking seems slow even on it's best days. I got into a match about 6 hours ago, and haven't been able to get into another one since. It just searches forever and only shows "Matchmaking in Progress." I've restarted the game and my PS5 multiple times. My internet connection is fine, and in game my NAT status is Open. I see other players running around Erewhon. I have tried the 'Play Custom' option a couple times and I always get stuck on the loading screen at 100% and have to close the game. It seems like it's just the Ghost War lobby's I can't connect to. Has anyone else run into this? Any idea how to fix it?

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Well a match finally popped.While queued up for Ghost War I talked to the Raid person in Erewhon. While having the Raid screen up then the Ghost War match popped within a minute. Doesn't seem like a coincidence as I was literally searching for Ghost War matches for about 3 total hours - not consecutively but probably up to 30 min each time before cancelling and trying again. I guess if anyone else has the same issue I did then try this.

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