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Guide for all weapons?


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Does anyone know an accurate youtube guide for getting all weapons?


Also I'm confused how the weapons work across all characters you have.  It seems like each character has to unlock every weapon by themselves?  Yet what is confusing is I already played as the red knight, yet when I enter my Grey knight whom I just beat normal mode with and I go to the blacksmith I don't see the basic Mace that the red knight starts with.  So how can I unlock the red knights starting weapon with a non red knight character?  Same with other start out weapons.  (I think I'm watching the wrong guide, loaded up the red knight and what they say is his basic weapon isn't even there.  Need a ps3 weapons guide)

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In the original game the weapons were randomly ordered. In the remastered version the weapons are ordered on required level. What I'm trying to say here is that the Red Knight's Mace should always be there no matter what character you pick.

Stuff that saves for all characters: weapons, animal orbs, bow&arrow, shovel, boomerang.


I like to use this wiki page. https://castlecrashers.fandom.com/wiki/Weapons#Original


This video shows the xbox version but the PS3 is almost identical. The PS3 version has some of the mentioned DLC included in the base game.


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