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DLC has glitched trophies


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I beat the dlc on fury mode and didn't get the trophy.... was pretty agitated with that. I did some looking around and apparently at the moment any trophies that have to do with doing different endings (not sure if that includes your first playthrough) are glitched. Vanillaware did say they're aware of it and are implementing a fix for it but I haven't seen a download update for muramasa yet. Just thought I should post this before anyone has to suffer the same fate as I did since the DLC fury mode playthrough sucks. If anyone here's any updates for a fix please post it.

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It's what Vanillaware get's for messing with uncessary trophies on DLC,

deserves them right for having extra work as DLC shouldn't rule market this days to such point.


Go ahead and spend more time/work on what you have seeded Vanillaware.

(the game was already overpriced and now this, i call this an insult to consumers like me)

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Didn't they release a patch yesterday that might fix this problem? I remember reading about it on the nekomata dlc thread. Hopefully that will help.

unfortunately, the patch is only available for the EU, no patch yet for the US version ATM...


update: the patch is now available for R1, it fixed the problem... ^__^v

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