Gaming By Numbers 2022 (Event Ended)

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7 hours ago, Jens said:

I will grab my first one in a few minutes, but coffee comes first :P


Nice Jens!... Coffee always come first. :lol:


P.S. waiting for @Inuty to post a full list shortly. Haha

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Working on Chrono Cross now, using Optinoob's guide. I'm going to do each of his videos a day to avoid burnout, but right now I am farming the fleas in the Shadow Forest tree to get close to 100 battles so I can just farm for stats after each boss battle(5-8 battles for ghost stats) to get the remainder of the 500 battles for that one trophy. Playing on my PS5 and it feels a bit faster due to the drive speed. (As I said, I will probably have to ditch my PS4 as it's on its last legs. Makes sense as I have had it since before trophies existed so it's pretty ancient. xD)


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