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Getting close to clearing my 2, Chrono Cross. I just completed the "bad" ending and started my first Continue+ file. I really enjoyed this blast from the past, but I never finished it originally because I couldn't get the good ending due to how I kept taking so much damage, I think the 100% evasion battle boost is awesome and I'm sure the instant stamina refill will be helpful when I go for the good ending. (Following Optinoob's text guide to get me through the continue+ runs.) ^_^;)


I'm going to stop just before the final trophy(which should be the one for adding all 44 characters to your party via the Chrono Cross) to quick plat both Persian Nights games since I'm a master of Artifex Mundi games.


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Almost finished with one game but I am going to plat two more games beforehand so it can sit as my 30th platinum. Though I probably need to sleep, Chrono Cross dragged on too long. X_X


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On 8/2/2022 at 1:04 AM, Taruta13 said:

 0: Unpacking (PS5) (16110)
 1: Persian Nights: Sands of Wonder (8041)
 2: Chrono Cross (15952)
 3: Secret of Mana (7223)
 4: Legend of Mana (13244)
 5: LEGO City Undercover (6005)
 6: Buff Knight Advanced (4516)
 7: Unpacking (PS4) (16287)
 8: Persian Nights 2: Moonlight Veil (11968)
 9: LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 (5449) 


Halfway done! I got all but one trophy on Chrono Cross last night and held off so I could plat the two Artifex Mundi games so Chrono Cross was my 30th platinum. Never finished Chrono Cross when it first came out because the final boss wouldn't cooperate with me with the said namesake to get the good ending and the whole level star thing was annoying but this remaster's battle boost and random encounter disable made the game more fun to play and I enjoyed the reworked portraits for Serge and Kid. ^_^


Gonna break for a while and then get to work on the other games. ;)


EDIT: I'll take a loonng break. They said my new house is going to get started next week and I am already 50% two weeks into the event so I should slow it down. xD

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