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Multitalented Glitch


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Game was stating that the save file couldn't be accessed when I would exit the inventory screen, but I was able to continue playing.  Got the trophy for the blademaster then moved on to battlemage.  Multitalented did not pop after. Upon returning to character select, it showed only one completed mission for blademaster.  Darkranger and Battlemage both had 5 missions completed (the main ones) so after going back and doing the remaining 4 story missions with blademaster, the Multitalented trophy popped.


As of this time, I have been unable to replicate the glitch.  I can say with certainty that even if your save glitches, you can re-do a character and still obtain 100%.  I will continue to replicate the glitch over the next couple of weeks.  If I can do so, I'll edit with what caused it and how to avoid it.  Happy hunting!



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