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"The Climb" Trophy Requirement


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I am currently cleaning my backlog from Online-Trophies since i won't have much time for gaming after July, and i dont want to have the same Problem like i got with some other Trophies which are fully unobtainable because of server closes, recently i saw that i still need the "The Climb" Trophy for NFS: Payback, and the Trophy itself sounds easy but i haven't played this game much so I haven't really got very far, all I want to know is how long I would need to play to get an off-road vehicle with a power of 275, just to gauge whether it's worth it to me or not.


Thanks for any answers in advance!


Just in case, here is my current Loadout, filled with the best Cars i "own":


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The 10 speedlist wins are very hard to get for me in australia because it seems region locked. it's easy to get 3 cars to 275 and will most certainly not be the last task you complete nor the hardest. what region are you in because i am putting a group together to do the online portion?


^^ is my psn name, anyone that can help please add me 

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