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Accidentally discovered your health regenerates from standing still


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So I just started playing this game earlier tonight for the first time.  The game is ok, it would be a lot better if the camera wasn't so wild and the game speed was slowed down a bit, but I really like the enemy designs and cool bosses.


Anyway, while checking out the different difficulties, I noticed on Easy that your character's health regenerated suddenly.  Didn't notice that on Medium difficulty and thought maybe that was just something that happened on Easy, then tinkered around and saw that if i got hit and stood still for a few seconds, my health would regenerate.  Tried it on Hard difficulty and it takes a bit longer and doesn't regenerate quite as much at a time, but it does still work!  So this'll make Platinum'ing the game quite a bit easier, though still a pain in the butt, especially trying to beat the opening intro boss without getting hit once which is going to be a nightmare.  No pun


So just thought i'd make this topic for the few people who check out this game's forum here lol

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