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Trophy progression graph incorrect

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Hello! This post is regarding the trophy progression graph under the “stats” tab in our individual profiles. This is the graph that shows the accumulation of bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophies one has over time with the colored sections. Recently I noticed that these graphs aren’t exactly accurate. Mine correctly tracks my total trophies earned but the silver and gold sections are no where near correct. For example I have 6000~ silver trophies but looking at the graph it would appear I have almost 15,000. A similar discrepancy happens with my gold trophies as well.


I mainly noticed this as my gold trophy count has passed my silver due to so many cheap games now days pumping out 11 golds and no silvers. With this in mind that gold section of the graph should be higher than the silver but isn’t.


This isn’t a huge issue but I thought it was odd and wanted to see if anyone else had noticed the same thing, or if I was crazy and I’m somehow misreading the graph? 

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11 minutes ago, DaivRules said:


You're misreading the graph. Each different color in the graph represents the type of trophy. So it's not saying you have 15,000 silver, because the bottom of the silver section doesn't even start until somewhere between 8,000-9,000.

It's each total stacked on top of each other.


Ah I see! I had assumed the color of the graph was implied to continue “behind” or “underneath” the other colors, but I see exactly what you mean about the bottom starting “above” the bottom of the graph. Silly me! Thank you for clarifying this.

9 minutes ago, HusKy said:

Yeah, that's correct. It even tells you exact numbers for particular vertical slice if you hover with your mouse.

Very nice touch. I just realized it works on mobile with the touch screen as well. Thank you! 

Sorry for the confusion on the thread, hopefully if anyone else gets confused like I did this can help clear things up for them as well. :)

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