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Hi everyone!:)


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Hello fellow ps fans/players!! Noob alert here!! Lol!! Um, pretty much a quick introduction..my addiction to PlayStation began about 5 years ago. I did have a love for xbox ( i know, i know feed me to the wolves lol) because thats what i grew up on (besides nintendo, super nintendo, nintendo 64 etc etc). In 2009 I went to my brother's house and saw a ps3 and was very curious of that system, because again, i had an xbox and never incountered a ps3. To keep a long story short, once i played the ps3, lets just say my fingertips have never touched an xbox controller and probably will never again lol. But anyways, i currently own a ps vita/ps3/ps4 and i play on my ps3: Uncharted 3, Army of Two Devils cartel, The Last Of Us, Mortal kombat, Ultimate Marvel vs capcom 3 (vergil for the wiiiiin!!!!! Lol!), God Of War 3, Blazblue, and killzone 3. For my ps vita, i play; Gravity Rush, Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice, Blazblue. For my ps4, i play: Cod: ghosts, flower, flow, legos the movie video game, dc universe, killzone shadow fall, resogun, resogun, and warframe. Yep, thats about it for me. Looking for people that actually plays and not just sit on a friendlist. If anybody wants to add me, that'll be great. I'm sociable and just a great guy looking for friends!!!!:) Alrighty then...later people!!

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