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[Video] All Red & Blue Collectible Locations


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MADiSON - All Red & Blue Collectible Locations (Detailed Guide)


There are a total of 20 Red Photos and 5 Blue Photos to collect.


Trophies you will obtain:
[Bronze] You know what to do - Find a collectible.
[Bronze] Red - Find every red collectible.
[Bronze] Blue - Find every blue collectible.
[Bronze] Professional photographer - Find every collectible in the game.



Red Photos
0:00 - Red Photo 1 (In the Kitchen)
0:18 - Red Photo 2 (Generator Room)
0:41 - Red Photo 3 (Exit the Kitchen Through right door then look above door to find collectible)
1:04 - Red Photo 4 (In the Bathroom)
1:23 - Red Photo 5 (After going down the well, found behind a pillar right side)
2:14 - Red Photo 6 (Grandparents room, behind the door)
2:34 - Red Photo 7 (After following statue down hallway, found inside a small bathroom)
3:18 - Red Photo 8 (After entering red door in attic, go straight and you will find it)
3:55 - Red Photo 9 (In the Graveyard, found right side on back of a tombstone)
4:38 - Red Photo 10 (After you fall down well in Graveyard, Go left and it will be on a pillar)
5:16 - Red Photo 11 (During the Cathedral, Travel to 1987 then Go to the Bell Tower)
6:08 - Red Photo 12 (During the Cathedral, Travel to 1951. Found on the floor left of Confessionary)
7:01 - Red Photo 13 (After the Cathedral, Open Red door in attic then look up)
7:50 - Red Photo 14 (Found on Box once you return to basement after getting red key)
8:37 - Red Photo 15 (After you open the door with 2 Triangle Keys, found left side once door is opened)
9:03 - Red Photo 16 (In the Mausoleum, found behind pillar on floor 2)
9:21 - Red Photo 17 (In the Mausoleum, found between floor 3-4 while going up elevator)
9:41 - Red Photo 18 (After the Mausoleum, in the clock room, on side of a clock)
10:13 - Red Photo 19 (Found in locked cupboard in Kitchen, Bolt Cutters required)
10:45 - Red Photo 20 (Dad's Room, on a wooden beam. Requires key from red safe to open Dad's Room)


Blue Photos
11:30 - Blue Photo 21 (Area becomes available after you release Blue Knees)
11:54 - Blue Photo 22 (Area becomes available after you release Blue Knees) 
12:27 - Blue Photo 23 (Area becomes available after you release Blue Knees) 
12:57 - Blue Photo 24 (Area becomes available after you release Blue Knees)
13:32 - Blue Photo 25 (Area becomes available after you release Blue Knees)


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