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Mastery Challenge Help: Lolingestone Bandit Camp Bear challenge

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I can’t seem to get enough fire damage before beating the boss and falling short of the gold medal. I average 340 pts roughly in the fire damage category.  I feel like I don’t get credit for fire kills sometimes. It’s a horrible level design with poor NPC mechanics. Parry and fall damage are easy by now. 

Does anyone have any tips or exploits that can help me cross off this dreadful BS of a challenge? 

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I finally got it. Here’s a tip for others. Save the two enemies that accompany the final boss in the last area for the fire kills. Use the parry and it will eventually ignite a fire blast that covers a radius. Isolate the boss if he gets close by kicking him with your special ability. There are corners in that area that you can kite them over too if you need them to ignite on fire that way. 

onto the next rage inducing mastery challenge. I truly loved this game until I came across these challenges. Really wish they didn’t include them because they are beyond flawed like others have voiced. I’ll get 100% trophy completion but it’s hard not to switch to other games and come back to these challenges later after I recover from this recent heartburn. 

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