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Not an autopop but there is PS4 to PS5 save data transfer

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Like the title states, the PS5 version detects your PS4 save file which saves you the trouble of playing through the game again. As such, the following benefits applies:


Klonoa: Door to Phantomile:

  • You can get the boss trophies if you play the time attack mode which is unlocked after beating the game.
  • The Extra Vision trophy can be unlocked from completing it again.
  • Unfortunately, you don't unlock the "Hero of ______" trophies from loading your save file, nor from replaying a level, boss battle or the extra vision. So you'll have to start a new save and go through each level again, but the Prisoners are relatively easy to find and each one are found in order. So if you miss one, the next captured prisoner will let you know you missed the previous one.


Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

  • My Hunny Bunny and My Sweetheart (Collecting all Momett Dolls) trophies are unlocked upon completing any level (unconfirmed for "any" level but both popped after I finished the Chamber o' Fun level) 
  • Chamber O' Fun and Chamber O' Horror trophies can be unlocked from completing them again.
  • Boss trophies can be unlocked from either their respective levels or from the House of Horrors (Time Attack) in Momett House.


So Klonoa 2 can be easily completed faster than Klonoa 1 but if anyone found a partial autopop for the "Hero of ______" trophies, let me know.


Also for those who are going for 150 dream stones in all levels, Easy mode definitely helps with the tricky platforming sections and the Hoverboard Levels for Klonoa 2 but if you go to Options and change the difficulty to the opposite of the one you're playing, it'll put you back at the last checkpoint so use these to your advantage. 


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