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How to get a bot in Team


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Team works, but it’s buggy when you’re trying to set up the teams. 

First you open bot management, then at the top left create team if you don’t have one. Name the team and then I recommend you completely close bot management and reopen it. 

Then in bot management, find the bot you want to add to the team, move your cursor over it in the list of bots with the left stick. Press and hold the x button on the bot’s name in the list and drag up with the left stick until you’re hovering over the team you want the bot in, and then let go of x button. 

What happens like half the time for me is that the bot management window will think you’re trying to scroll and it will resist. You can still move the bot when this happens but it might do weird things, like move an entire team into another team or remove a bot from a team. I recommend if you can see the bot management window resisting your movement of the bot, just stop, close bot management entirely, try again, and repeat this until the window doesn’t resist. The way it’s supposed to work is no resistance, you can move the left stick freely with the bot selected one slot at a time or quickly. 

Edit to add: there is some kind of selection ability in the bot management window but I haven’t figured out how it works and I think it’s what sometimes messes up this window. You can tell something is selected because the color of the team or bot will be darker and more vivid than everything else. But it’s easy to select a team or a bot by accident and then move stuff without meaning to. The game also has trouble telling when you’ve selected a team vs a bot. This is why I usually just completely close the window after each action, such as expanding a team, collapsing a team, selecting a bot, creating a team, etc. 

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