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Will the campaign Co op affected by servers shut down ?

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33 minutes ago, Deceptrox said:

According to the guide, you can play offline co-op with two controllers, so the shutdown won't affect co-op trophies.

I just completed the co-op with a friend, there's a lot of things were you need to both be in a position to do stuff, seems like it would be kind of difficult to do by yourself. Or at least a lot of putting down 1 controller to pick up another ad nauseum 

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20 hours ago, yusuftahir2 said:

Does anyone know if the campain co op is affected by the server take down

Please write your answers 


I'm gonna agree with DEI2EK.


Charlie's missions (which are wave based horde mode) can be done solo (though those are obviously more fun with a friend). Grim's missions (which are 100% stealth) are probably the easiest to do with a second controller or solo. Kobin's missions (take out 10 enemies, if you get spotted, 10 more enemies get called as reinforcements) can be done solo or with a second controller, too. But Briggs' missions specifically require co-op, especially the end of the final mission where both players are down and must shoot approaching enemies from both sides.

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