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Best SHMUP/Bullet hell games for newcomers?


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I'm very intrigued by shoot em ups and bullet hell games. Problem is, the learning curve seems steep. To put it in perspective, Ghostblade HD(think that was the name) is hard for me, but I'm pretty sure it's considered super easy for veterans of the genre.


So could you guys reccomend me some games that are good for beginners? Especially in terms of trophy list.

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I just quote myself 


On 2022-01-07 at 0:08 PM, Vergil said:



Soldner X2, R-Type Dimensions, Under defeat HD, Caladrius Blaze, Battle Garegga, Dangun Feveron , Ketsui. Sorcer Striker. Esp.Ra.De. Cotton games. Vasara Collection, Game Tengoku Cruisin mix, Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli , Hi Sho Same! Same! Same!




Ghost Blade, Raiden V, Astebreed, Shikhondo Soul Eater, Psyvariar Delta, Rolling Gunner, Eschatos. Ginga Force, Natsuki chronicles. 




Jamestown+ , Raystorm HD , Mamorukun curse, 

Soldner X , Darius Burst , Ikaruga, Raiden IV , Rival megagun, Fast striker, Sine Mora , Deathsmiles. Sol cresta.


Btw. These are based on trophies. 


Also i would suggest Rive , Assault android cactus, Cuphead and my personal favorite Hardcorps uprising. 


Not traditional shmups, but mixed with platforming.  


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I can recommend z-warp. It’s about 3-4/10 platinum. Sadly very short and can be done in 1-2h depending on skill (took me a bit over 1h first time and about 40min second)

resogun is more of a classical twinstickshooter. Don’t know if that is also something for you major difference basically is that you go left and right instead of up^^ at least the platinum is not too hard.

If you like resogun you could also check out graceful explosion machine. Again more a twinstickshooter than bullethell 


a bit different would be enter the gungeon. It’s kind of like binding of Issac. Basically a twinstickshooter that gives you random weapons and items each time. The bossfights do have bullet hell like elements. Playing throught the story is pretty brutal but if you just want to platinum it it’s quiet doable with some getting into it and a little grinding for unlocks.


i myself current play exit the gungeon. It’s 2D sidescroller but basically end up being a twintstickshooter with a twist. Also require some getting into but platinum is relatively easy

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