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[Video] Chernobylite is a totally underrated indie gem!


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Hello trophy hunters! A few days ago, I had made a post about my new Youtube channel that I made to hopefully help hunters know what they're getting into when tackling a new platinum. I got some really awesome feedback and everyone was so friendly. So I just uploaded my first post-introduction full video and I would love to see what everyone thinks! It's also my birthday so that would be a rad gift! lol. I'm not asking for anyone to subscribe, but just to check it out, but if you do genuinely enjoy the content, subscribing would be awesome! This one covers what you can expect with Chernobylite. A game that I think deserves WAY more attention. Thank you in advance!



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45 minutes ago, HuntingFever said:

Is it worth playing, even with all the numerous reported technical issues such as frequent crashes, save file corruption and trophy glitches?

So, I didn't experience any crazy issues. I played on the base ps4 version originally. I did have a few crashes, but nowadays, idk if i've ever played any game without crashing. lmao. but no corruption or trophy glitches on my end. I did have a weird bug at the end of the game where I had to reload a save for a different ending outcome, but that was just for personal preference since the plat just requires any ending. BUT ALL IN! Yes, I absolutely think this game is worth dealing with a headache or two. lol

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