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Movie lines you quote out of nowhere when playing games


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So the other day I was playing Doom Eternal DLC and things were getting pretty crazy (it was the second wave of the first Escalation Encounter). I had the rune equipped that gives you a speed boost whenever you perform a glory kill, and that coupled with the frag grenade and Sentinel hammer combo meant demons were getting smashed right left and centre. There was a point a couple of minutes in where I killed about five fodder enemies and an armoured mancubus with a single blood punch and then blasted another four enemies with the super shotgun in rapid succession before moving on to my next target. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I shouted "Look upon me! I'll show you the life of the mind!" which is what John Goodman's character shouts out repeatedly in a scene from Barton Fink whilst chasing a guy down a flaming hotel corridor with a shotgun. I have no idea where this outburst came from but I found it hilarious and ran with it for the rest of the fight. Fortunately for me, the house was empty ?


Anyone else on here ever found themselves doing something similar where they just spontaneously pulled a random movie quote out of thin air when in the thick of gameplay? And if so, what was the situation/game and movie quote pairing?

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Not so much from film, but I've watched so many hours of comedic cartoons, there's always quotes from them swirling through my brain at any given moment. Whenever I crash a vehicle, for instance, this one is likely to be blurted out:



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