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What team jobs you used for platinum

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hi, I am thinking about going for platinum and to enjoy the game. I know we can now change jobs but what was the team/jobs composition you used to get platinum? did you change anything for more difficult fights? oh and question is for people that platinum game without Seitengrat.

Thanks a lot

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Va'an - bushi/shikari or bushi/monk-Va'an combos at a crazy rate. Bushi/monk is higher damage with katanas and can be a backup healer. Make sure to have genji glove. Bushi/shikari is the combo for defeating yizmat. Use black robes and the yagyu dark blade.

Balthier - foebreaker/monk - high damage output and all weakening technicks. Or foebreaker/shikari. Another fighter with fast combo animation

Fran- Fran is very generic. You can pair her with anything but she does nothing well. I did red battlemage/archer for her so that the burning bow/ardor trick can wipe the floor.

Basch - knight/bushi. Knight balances bushi and bushi opens up the robes so that you can do crazy damage with the white robes/excalibur combo. White robes/excalibur with a fully buffed Basch can destroy zodiarc in less than 30 seconds.

Ashe - Ashe has high magic and speed. Make her a primary mage. I did black mage/monk or black mage/red battlemage. Both combos add 3x swiftness and provide healing abilities. Black and redmage can also amp up ardor with a flame staff equipped. Plus red mage has shields for extra protection.

Penelo has highest magic. I did white mage/machinest or white mage/time battlemage. These combos both gives her distance weapons to keep her out of the fray, 3x swiftness and support abilities. Machinest lets you do consistent damage since guns ignore defense, time battlemage I found to be less useful.


Also you want to make sure at least one character has all 3x remedy lores for trial 100. Its an amazingly tough battle even with the niophala (sp?) trick which I highly, highly, highly recommend you use.

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Basch - Foebreaker/Bushi

Fran - Archer/Red Battlemage

Penelo - White Mage/Monk

Ashe - Black Mage/Uhlan

Balthier - Knight/Machinist

Va'an - Shikari/Time Battlemage

I did it based on what jobs I thought fit their personalities (??), it's very badly optimized.  But everyone had their three mist charges.  I would have at least made Penelo a black mage/monk and Ashe a white mage/uhlan to make another healer.  I really leaned on Penelo, Balthier was not a great healer.

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