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How do you deal with the 15 thugs in the Courthouse after the story?

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They almost immediately surround me, all I can do is spam block which does no damage. I managed to take down a few of them by attacking from above and then fleeing, but after you take down a few, some of them start using firearms that they get from thin air? And it gets impossible.

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Its been a long time since I've played that area, but I would give the same general suggestions.

1) If super surrounded just hope over mobs until you get an opening for a safe attack.

2) Keep your combo up and use it to break weapons. I can't remember but if they grab guns out of boxes or what not then you only have a couple of guns to deal with, so try and break those with the combo

3) Use the baterrang as well. You can quick fire the batarang to knock down/daze a gun user

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