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Cannot sync trophies - my confession for a possible dispute.


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Hello all,


first of all, my apologies if I posted this in the incorrect section of the forums. Second of all, my main reason for posting this is to call myself out and have some ground covered for my possible future dispute - the short version being that I can earn online trophies on the PS4, but cannot sync them while on my normal home network.

A full technical explanation will follow in case anyone is interested and I'll try to explain everything to the best of my abilities as I work in the field and do tech support, but I do not have a college degree in networking or anything similiar. Should you have any questions or even suggestions to the problem after reading my post, please let me know.

About 3 days ago, I noticed that I couldn't sign into PSN on either of my PS3s - this seemingly hapenned overnight. The error code I received was 80710092 on both consoles. Naturally I started troubleshooting, rebooting my router, doing a factory reset, changing my DNS multiple times (on both my router and the consoles), switching between 2.4G, 5G and wired, enabling DMZ, opening the individual ports for PSN, changing my WPA type, but nothing seemed to make a change. The error code remained the same and whenever I did a Network Test on either of my PS3s I'd get a time out. The IP was obtained, internet worked - hell, I could use the web browser to access anything I wanted to aside from any official Sony sites. At the same time, my PS4 could connect to PSN jsut fine and I could play online as well as I tried Jump Force and Everybody's Golf that same day. 

Fearing the worst, I enabled a hotspot on my phone and connected my consoles to it - this fixed the issue, I could play on all my consoles and do anything I needed which was great as I had a couple of boosts planned this weekend so while I was relieved, I was not satisfied with the outcome. I found out that if I used my hotspot and started downloading something from the PS Store, paused it and then switched to my home network, I'd get signed out of PSN, but the download would continue just fine and I could install said item as well (in this case the DLC for Red Faction Guerilla). This all culminated with me trying to use my PC as a proxy for my PS3, which didn't work, but gave me the idea to connect my incoming connection directly into my PS3 and signing in using my PPPoE information. To my shock, this worked and all the functions were restored. Given my experience, I determined that the public IP block I was assigned by my ISP (since I'm on a dynamic IP) has been either banned or blacklisted by Sony. I already contacted my ISP and asked for an IP change or a block of Static IPs, but it will probably take them ages.

If this was all that went down, I wouldn't even make the post, but today I continued my session of Everybody's Golf on PS4, I played online for some items as well and when I went to sync my trophies, it wouldn't work. Error code NW-31456-9. Syncing on my mobile data works fine, but I just want to ensure that I let it be known that I can get online trophies, but cannot sync them right away. I tested this in multiple games. I pondered using my data, but I don't want to keep switching between my hotpsot and my wifi if I can avoid it, since I'll use up my hotspot for PS3 boosting until my IP changes. While I'm 99% sure that I won't be flagged for this, I know there are some people who have it out for me and I don't want to give them a chance to ruin the small amount of reputation I have.

Public IP is fucky
PS3s - cannot sign in to PSN, cannot play online, can use the internet
PS4 - can sign into PSN, can play online, cannot sync trophies, can use the internet
hotspor connection works perfectly
plz don'tt flag

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