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PS3 Still Top Seller in Australia, PS4 Edges Ahead of Xbox One


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Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has today revealed that, according to newly-released data from NPD Group Australia, the PlayStation 3 was the number one selling home console in Australia in 2013 for the third year running.

Sony Australia also reports that, according to unit sales measured from the November launch to the week ending February 2, the PlayStation 4 has moved ahead of the Xbox One as the next generation console of choice "as stock became more readily available."

“It has been an enormous 12 months for PlayStation in Australia,” said Michael Ephraim, managing director at Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. “These results reflect not only the passion Australians have for the PlayStation brand overall, but also the strength of the individual platforms we have.”

The Australian Xbox One launch was the most successful console debut in the country’s history, more than doubling the previous record held by the Nintendo Wii. At the time, Sony stopped short of revealing specific sales for Australia; it’s now evident they had been eclipsed by the Xbox One.

While both next generation consoles are enjoying great success in Australia in 2014, research released by Australia’s Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) has noted revenue for the country’s games industry “held steady” in 2013, racking up $1.14 billion of ‘traditional retail’ sales as well as an estimated $899 million of digital sales.

Continue reading the article here.

In the comment section, people mentioned Titanfall increasing the sales for XboxOne when it's released.*

What do you think?


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ahh those aussies, always doing things backwards :awesome:


but seriously the ps3 is THE console to get at the moment if you consider the amout of support expected to get, contents of sofware library,and the continued usefullness of bluray player.sony will be getting repeated sucess if ps3 reaches ps2 status

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"as stock became more readily available"


That's the key phrase. PS4s are rare as rockinghorse shit. You either pre-ordered after E3 last year, or you missed out.


You can find XB1s on store shelves whereas I've never seen a PS4 here in the wild. The XB1 also released a week earlier than the PS4, so it's only natural that sales will even out "as stock became more readily available".

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My bad, I didn't notice I put PS4 instead of XboxOne. 


I see, you had me confused there for a second.  :lol:


Honestly though, I'm not sure if Titanfall is going to be a huge system seller for Microsoft. If it were completely exclusive for the Xbone it may have done that but when you can also get the game on the 360 and PC there isn't a huge incentive to go and spend $500 to play a game on hardware you already have. I'm still bummed it isn't coming to PlayStation though as I'd love to play it on my PS4. 




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