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Long Service Medal


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Long Service Medal is not unlocking for me after the 3rd Playthrough. What am I doing wrong. I deleted Extended Cut before starting the 2nd Playthrough. I did a Playthrough in 2014, 2020 and now in 2022. Does it need to be a Mass Effect 2 Import?


I started a Insanity playthrough 14/27 mission done for unwavering but it was reset when I did a 3rd easy Playthrough. Now I'm doing Unwavering Online but do I need to start a new Insanity playthrough?

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It's not clear, but I believe you can do one of two options:


1. Import an ME2 character and complete ME3 ONCE.


2. Beat ME3 and then start a new game with that SAME CHARACTER via NG+ and beat it again.


I don't believe you can beat the game and then start an entirely new game with a new character. I believe it has to be the same character for it to register (hence LONG service medal).

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I now completed a second playthrough on Insanity with an imported ME3 character. I choose the left ending and the Insanity trophy unlocked but still no Long Service Medal. Was that the wrong ending? What ending is the right ending? Can someone help me? I play the last mission again and choose to go for the right ending and hopefully it unlockes. I only need that trophy now for the Platinum.



I played through the last mission again and I have choosen the right ending but still no Trophy. 


I play through again with a ME2 character and hope it will unlock.


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I played the ending of my first Playthrough of ME3 again and it was the save that I imported to do a second playthrough on Insanity. The Trophy unlocked with the Platinum. I choose the right ending again. Maybe it did not unlock at first because when I was choosing the save it might took the 45h save when I did the Citadel DLC and now I took the 46h save and played the ending again after I completed the second playthrough on Insanity with that character and it unlocked. I don't know if it is glitched or bugged or that I was lucky or maybe that was somehow the problem. I think everyone that has the same problem needs to play two times with the same character and it probably needs to be a new game + EXACTLY AFTER completing the last mission. Before importing ME3 character for a new game make sure the last save of the character is right after completing the story.

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