PS5 Save Data Corruption, Backup Regularly

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Almost 300 games played and this has never happened before. I entered the 2nd floor of Elliot's Programming in Chapter 4 Slums, saw the save icon and PS5 immediately shut down. Restarted, repaired and got the notification about saved data being removed due to corruption (first time I ever saw this notification). Last save is 2 hrs ago but nothing shows up under Select Save in game menu.


My PS5 has auto-shutdown between 5-10 times playing other games but it never resulted in save corruption.


It took me 3.5 real life hours to get there while multitasking, enjoying the scenery and eating once, and ~1 hour of that was for the Zurk chase trophy which I don't need to do again, so it'll be much quicker a 2nd time around, but having to redo it still sucks and another reason why I don't play games at launch anymore -- let them iron out the bugs. So that's my advice, either back up regularly or just wait. 




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I thought I was the only one who had this issue. I'm doing the speedrun trophy rn, its the last one I need and my PS5 literally just now shut down. Thats like the fifth time today just from playing Stray. So far I haven't had any data corruption, even with this one that just happened. On the bright side, I'm on the main menu screen now and I'm on chapter 8 on my speedrun slot with only 50 minutes clocked, making good progress. Just hope this doesn't happen again or even better ~ it gets fixed very soon.


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I played the game for roughly 10 hours on PS5 and did not have a single problem. Aside from my PS5's mild coil whine.


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