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Is the Online-Pass necessary to get the platinum?


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Hi, everyone.


I just bought a 2nd-hand disc of F.E.A.R.3. No doubt the online pass has been used. But it seems that i can still host an online-coop session for campaign.


So my question is: to get the platinum do I have to purchase an Online-Pass? In the trophy guide i don't see any MP trophy, though.



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4 hours ago, deadmanrising53 said:

I believe the code is only to unlock two additional game modes (neither of which have any trophies tied to them).

Yes the description is just like you said. But at the back of the code paper it says you need online pass to use the PSN function which confused me.


So I think it's no doubt just a default description for an "online-pass". And we don't need it for the platinum. Thanks.

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