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Earning Battle Buddies co-op offline confirmed

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On 7/20/2022 at 10:35 PM, Riiszk said:

After 14 hours straight, I can now say yes you can do the co-op campaign trophy in LAN while not connected to the games servers. Just to make sure, I did it in 1 long run without leaving as the 2nd player's progress doesn't save and for the game to fully recognise I did the whole campaign with a partner, but that's probably not required. You can't invite as that's an online feature, but once you've created a LAN lobby on your main, select campaign on your 2nd account, swap over to LAN and your main account should show up and be able to join it without an invite.

Both accounts earn trophies doing this. 


If you're still part way through this game or haven't started yet, I'd say just focus on MP stuff first as that seems to be the only thing that's 100% online. 

All Guerrilla mode trophies are the same as well.

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