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Thinking about starting this game... Advice/Opinions?


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Okay, so since this game is in the 2022 summer sale I'm thinking of getting it. I loved the first game; platted it pretty easily with my sis. 


How does this game compare to the first one? Is it pretty much more of the same? 

How does the difficulty compare? 

Is it only couch co-op or is there an online option?

Are there any glitches, etc, preventing the platinum?

Trophy that you found the hardest?


Or anything else that you think is relevant, I'd love to hear your opinions!

Thanks :))

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Overcooked 2 is similar to Overcooked 1 in terms of gameplay, but the big addition has been throwing, which allows you to move ingredients around the kitchen much more efficiently. There's also a ton of DLC, which you will have to buy separately if you want the 100% on this game. If you are interested in playing the DLC though, I would recommend buying Overcooked: All You Can Eat edition, as it includes all the previously released content on one disc (or download if you purchase it digitally), plus one new world exclusive to that edition.


The game, as far as I can remember isn't terribly glitchy, but some of the DLC trophies can be downright brutal (particularly 'You Shallot Pass'. The All You Can Eat edition on the other hand, actually sports a much easier trophy list, and adds Assist Mode, which allows new players to get up to speed much more quickly. 

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My honest opinion: go for it! Overcooked 2 is more of the same but so much more fleshed out. And in contrast to the above comment, I wouldn’t recommend All You Can Eat over this. The trophy list is far, far, far too easy on that version and we found that took away pretty much all the hectic fun we loved. AYCE doesn’t require you to 3 star every kitchen unlike the original OC2 list so it just felt pointless and in time, a chore. Really depends on what you got out of playing the first game though. 

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