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PlayStation Online Returnal Games (PSORG ) Custom Server


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Good news, team PlayStation Online Returnal Games (PSORG ) is working on bring back MotorStorm Pacific Rift Online! It only on BETA, not fully working properly. Hopeful they can get MSPR online fully working soon then platinum will be possible to get. (only custom match works atm, not causal and ranked match)




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As always with these custom servers, if you can earn trophies, they will not be leaderboard approved until they’re listed here:





Play on an alternate account if you’re just looking for the experience and want to appreciate the work these devs have put in to recreate the shut down servers. 

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6 minutes ago, demonviper666 said:

Picture unrelated to the question I asked

I’m not sure what that picture specifically has to do with what you quoted me asking? 

The claim was there was laws that make it illegal to chose which patches people apply to software. I am asking for what laws those are. 

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7 minutes ago, Helyx said:



OK, CRT, y'all wanna double-check the source's FAQ for this and confirm it's OK to use? @MMDE @B1rvine @grimydawg___ @Squirlruler

It’s still in pre-alpha stage and the trophy functionality hasn’t been developed yet, so a bit too early to sign off:




Code is here for anyone curious: https://github.com/PSOnlineReturnalGaming

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