Fall 2022 Backlog Challenge

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Was going to play Ms. Pac-Man tonight, but the night got away. I will tomorrow after I get home from work.


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On 3-10-2022 at 11:41 AM, Arophous said:

1 game down, 4 to go!  Elden Ring is mine mhwahahahahahahaha - i think i went mad with frenzied flame try to get the Melania trophy.  Topped off the game around 89 hours and used the backup to get the 3 endings, considering a challenge run of some kind in the future, maybe after any DLC comes out.  My take on the game is that it's still tough as hell, maybe because i played mostly on 1.06 patch, there is also plenty of bosses / secrets I never got around to for the future.  Overall this now features in my top 5 games of all time, can't wait to replay on PS5 1f601.png.


Going to take a day to decompress and then think about which title I go after next, leaning heavily on Resi 2 Remake to continue Leon playthrough.


- Elden Ring - 15% -> 27% -> 50% -> :platinum:
- The Evil Within - 16%
- Borderlands 2 - 1% -> 2%
- Darksiders 2 - 5%

- Resident Evil 2 - 0% -> 13%

the resident 2 remake is different because i got 10 bullets from my gun but i have taken the al in game rwards dlc for resident 2 remake what are you going to play this few months ?


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i have lost alot of gamesaves so i going to play some other games in the meanwhile curse of the dead gods 1percent and dead island definitief edition and kingdoms of amalur remastered reckoning i got 13 platinum trophies so i hope i can add more platinum trophies i going to restart al my games so i dont have a choice it wil take longer to unlocking the trophies then but i finally am getting better at gaming i noticed it because i play alot of different games i make less mistakes now then 6years ago so i can start fresh with my games now and i wil ad assasins creed 2 also on the list for to platinum it 


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Time for an update!


Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man-0=>100% :platinum: 10/6

Chrono Cross-2%

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Hoard-100% 9/28

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection-100% :platinum: 9/10


Swaps used: 1/3


Was able to platinum Ms. Pac-Man relatively quickly. So glad this game has the ability to save and quit at any time and level select or this would be quite difficult. Also halfway through my list! :yay: 



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